Vampiro: Angel, Devil, Hero


Ian Hodgkinson aka Vampiro

Directed By 

Lee Demarbre

Produced By

Robert Menzies


A documentary that exposes the seamy underbelly of the world of professional wrestling and traces one man’s personal heart-of-darkness journey from the top rope to rock bottom and back up again.

His name is Vampiro, aka El Vampiro Canadiense, aka El Vampiro Casanova, aka Ian Hodgkinson – and his is one of the great untold stories of professional wrestling.

He’s about to embark on his biggest international tour yet, with our cameras there to document every bodyslam – both physical and emotional – along the way. As we follow him from one continent to another, from match to match, and closer to his own personal heart of darkness, we’ll learn more about the man, his life, his loves, his highs and his lows. By the end of it all his fuse will be lit, and one way or another, the story of Vampiro will end with a bang.