The Dead Sleep Easy


Ian Hodgkinson, Martin Kove, Dave Courtney,  Ana Sidel, Talia Russo, Phil Caracas, Aaron Katz 

Directed By 

Lee Demarbre

Produced By

Robert Menzies


Everyone calls him The Champ – because that’s what he was, once.

Fifteen years ago, he made a fatal mistake, and ever since he’s been working for a violent mob boss, Tlaloc, to pay for it. Now, his true love is married to Tlaloc, he lives from one rail of coke to the next, and he’s seeing ghosts everywhere he goes.

But when a pollero (human smuggling) handover with a violent Minutemen splinter group goes disastrously wrong, The Champ is set on a collision course with powerful forces on both sides of the border as he seeks justice for a group of murdered migrants – and redemption for himself.