Summer's Blood (aka Summer's Moon)


Ashley Greene, Stephen McHattie, Barbara Niven, Peter Mooney

Directed By 

Lee Demarbre

Produced By

Robert Menzies, Pierre David, Donald Osborne, Curtis Crawford, Travis Stevens


SUMMER’S BLOOD is one of the most deranged, shocking and twisted family thrillers ever made… 

Hardened teenager SUMMER (Ashley Greene, Twilight) is on the road looking to meet her estranged father. Her only clue to his whereabouts is a letter from a rural community called Massey. 

Once she arrives in town Summer is rescued from a run-in with the law by a charming local handyman named TOM HOXEY (Peter Mooney, Falcon Beach). The couple quickly hit it off and head back to the house Tom shares with his mother GAIA (Barbara Niven, Dead At 17)--a woman who also happens to be his lover!

Knocked unconscious by the demented couple, Summer is bound with chains inside a box filled with dirt. Surrounded by lush plants, grow lights, human skulls and a girl on the verge of death named AMBER (Dani Kind), Summer is the latest flower in Tom’s “Human Garden”.

Realizing that her only chance for escape is to manipulate Tom, Summer begins an unusual relationship with the troubled young man. Anxious about the return of his own father GANT (Stephen McHattie, Watchmen), a serial killer who moonlights as a traveling salesman—and dealing with the rising suspicions of Amber’s father DARWIN (Peter Dillon, The Bone Collector), Tom finds himself drawn closer to Summer than he ever imagined.

In the vein of groundbreaking thrillers like MISERY and THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, SUMMER’S BLOOD will leave you guessing every twist and gasping at how frightening the truth can be when you finally discover it!