Smash Cut


Sasha Grey, David Hess, Michael Berryman, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Ray Sager

Directed By 

Lee Demarbre

Produced By

Robert Menzies


Sometimes great art requires great sacrifice- and the director always gets final cut! 

After his latest “serious” film is met with gales of laughter, director ABLE WHITMAN decides to drown his sorrows at a local strip club. Here he meets dancer GIGI SPOT and convinces the honey dripping sex-pot to star in his next project. Minutes after that, he’s killed her in a drunk driving accident. Needing to dispose of the body, Able stumbles upon the one place no one would notice a corpse…spread around the set of his new horror film. When the response to this new footage is praised for its realism, the guilt ridden Able has a complete mental breakdown. Believing he has finally discovered the key to making a great horror film, the director quickly discovers that one human body doesn't yield a lot of parts, and if he wants to finish, he's going to have to keep on killing. 

Meanwhile, Gigi’s sister APRIL CARSON hires the city’s most celebrated private detective, ISAAC BEAUMONDE, to investigate Gigi’s disappearance. But when the simple missing person investigation turns into a string of stomach turning murders, Isaac realizes he’s found the case of a lifetime.

Hot on his heels, his sanity unspooling and his collaborators dropping like flies, will Able have the time, focus and resources to complete his magnum opus, or will he simply fade to black?

An authorized homage to the films of 60s gore-meister Herschell Gordon Lewis, Smash Cut is a blood-spattered satire of the filmmaking industry and the challenges of independent filmmaking.