Adam Beach. Leah Gibson, Bill Lake

Directed By 

Adrian Langley

Produced by

Don Osborne, Robert Menzies, Adrian Langley, Curtis Crawford


Bryce (ADAM BEACH) is a dealer who works for crime boss Tony De Luca (LUIGI SARACINO), Tricky (LEAH GIBSON) is a gorgeous and cunning call girl. Together they spell demise for a ruthless lawyer who threatens De Luca’s organization.

As their plan to take him out is set into motion Detective Miller (BILL LAKE), the cop obsessed with arresting De Luca, gets the breakthrough he needs to finally nail the kingpin and over the course of one long fateful day their entire underworld will change.

A fusion of “Training Day”, “The Usual Suspects” and “Internal Affairs”, Crook is a gritty action film about cops, drug dealers, money, sex and the dangerous balance of honour and deceit, morality and corruption.