The Boy She Met Online


Tracy Spiridakos, Jon Cor, Alexandra Paul, Thea Gill

Directed By 

Curtis Crawford

Produced By

Robert Menzies, Donald Osborne


When teenager CAMI WINTERS (Tracy Spiridakos) falls in love, she falls hard. Unbeknownst to her single mother TORI (Alexandra Paul), Cami has fallen in love with a boy named 'Jake' she's met on a social networking website. Although Cami believes Jake’s a 23 year old college student, everything he’s told her online is a lie.

JAKE BYERS (Jon Cor) is actually a 23-year-old inmate finishing up an 18 month prison sentence for domestic assault on his ex-girlfriend. Having promised himself that upon his release he's going to do things the right way, Jake has begun trolling the internet looking for “the perfect girl” to help him turn his life around. By the time Jake comes clean with Cami, she’s already on the hook—totally infatuated, she believes that she can help him turn his life around. Tori is not keen on her underage daughter dating a college guy. She and her cousin KENDRA (Thea Gill) discourage the relationship but only to push Cami further into Jake’s arms.

Unfortunately for everyone, Jake's new and improved life upon release doesn’t go as well as he planned. Because of his felony record, he can’t get a job. To Jake's hoodlum friend EDGAR, Jake's an idiot for trying to go straight. Ultimately, Jake is sucked back into a life of criminal activity, and Cami is pulled in with him. When Edgar’s place is robbed, Jake and Edgar vow to get revenge on VINNY, the thug responsible. Cami witnesses Edgar murder Vinny during a fight and her life is forever changed. Deciding it’s time to enlist the help of her mother, Cami and Tori suddenly become targets of Edgar. Jake must decide whether to go against his lifelong friend and help Cami… or let the girl he loves fall victim so that he and Edgar can stay out of prison...