Better Mus' Come


Sheldon Shepherd, Nicole Grey Sky, Ricardo Orgil, Richard Guenveur Smith

Directed By

Storm Saultner

Produced By

Paul Bucknor


The week of May 23rd, 2010 saw an eruption of bloody violence on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, claiming the lives of at least 75 people in heated street battles between security forces and heavily armed criminal gangs. The root of this conflict, is the unholy alliance between Politicians and the ghetto ‘Dons’, which, it is argued, the former use to control votes, and ultimately win the national election. Two years in the making, Better Mus’ Come is an explosive new feature film, which brilliantly captures today’s political headlines in Jamaica by tracing the origins of the use of street gangs by political parties to further personal ambition.

Better Mus’ Come is a coming of age drama set in Jamaica’s turbulent 1970s, against the backdrop of the Cold War, a national water crisis, an energy crisis, corruption, and numerous murder scandals that gave birth to the polarized violence gripping the streets of Kingston both then and now. After months of incarceration as a suspected political agitator, Ricky is released. Haunted by the tragic death of his devoted young wife and paralyzed by conflicting feelings of guilt and loyalty to his political tribe, he tries to navigate his way through the minefields created by the constant social upheaval that seems to be ubiquitous in his community, while providing a better life for his 5 year old son. At his home coming party Ricky meets Kemala, a book smart country girl, who lives in the opposing neighborhood; enemy territory. In many ways they are opposites, but what starts as antagonism quickly turns into burning passion. Kemala encourages Ricky to convince his old friends in the community to adopt a more passive approach. To defy the status quo of confrontation, which leads to the inevitable cycle of violence. The big question is, can Ricky and his crew beat the odds and ensure that Better Mus’ Come?…